Susi Cruz

My name is Susi Cruz.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than outstanding customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail; this is what my clients can expect from me.  Working with my clients is at the top of my list of favorite things to do.  Whether buying or selling real estate, you can be sure that your realty services experience with me would result in a satisfied customer and a perpetual relationship.

I am from Dominican Republic.  I lived in Miami, FL for about 15 years, and reside in Palm Bay, FL for the last 11 years.  Living in Miami has allowed me to link with many other foreigners throughout my life and that experience has enriched my knowledge and awareness about foreign cultures, which is magnificent because I love traveling!  From traveling around the world, one of my favorite spots is the Hawaii Islands.  I am very family oriented, an adrenaline junky, and a water, nature, and mountain lover!!

Susi Cruz

3425 Bayside Lakes Blvd SE #104
Palm Bay, FL 32909

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